Point Of Sale

Understanding POS Hardware Options

It is necessary to have basic equipment to run a business. If you are starting a small business i.e. a pop-up store or an operating tent at a small market then you might only need a cell phone and a card reader. However, if you have a bigger establishment running across multiple places then you will need a little complex equipment or hardware. Many POS companies offer affordable convenient packages to equip you adequately but here we have listed some of the few hardware pieces you might need 

Cash Drawer: A Cash Drawer is simply a repository that keeps your money and receipts. When it is synced up with a POS system, the software can keep track of how many times your cash drawer is opened and this can help you in cutting down fraud.

Receipt Printer: Receipt printer is small in size. It can print out a slip of customers’ orders according to their preferences. POS systems allow you to customize your printed receipt with your business’ logo or you can choose a paperless digital receipt.  You can also choose not to have a receipt. If you are running a restaurant, you can also install this small printer in your kitchen to give printed tickets to your cooks. These receipts are sent either by the stationary POS software or from a mobile device. 

Card Reader: While running a business, you will need a way to receive credit card payments. Simple card swipers are very economical and there is a chance that you might get it for free while purchasing a POS system. You can also get a card reader with the additional feature of processing chip cards. 

Barcode Scanner: It is commonly used in retail stores. It is used not only for purchases but it can also be used to look up information on products, it can be used to look up pricing, detailed description or stock levels. 

Tablet: Cloud-based POS systems usually operate on some type of tablet or iPad. Tablets are generally cheap and can be bought with a stand. The tablet can essentially allow you to run your entire business through it. POS software can sync with your tablet or iPad and can allow you to manage customers, check reports and take orders instantly. Some advanced POS systems also offer the option to have a customer display iPad or tablet which gives the customer the power to place an order and choose their preferred payment method.

Kitchen Display System: If you own a bigger restaurant then a kitchen printer might not be sufficient to effectively print and organize a lot of tickets. In such a case, the Kitchen Display System (KIDS) can solve your problem. This system can easily display tickets and show for how long they have been open and can fulfill any other special request.

Scale: If you have a grocery related business such as a butcher shop then you’ll most likely need this device to price various items. POS systems can sync directly with scales, this allows the weight to be entered and calculated automatically. 

Hope those informations can guide you through understanding the POS system better. For further info, we suggest you have a look at our other blog post regarding 

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