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We have all you need to run the best business in the world

multiplatform Point of sale


Have the flexibility to work from any device you own, Mac, PC or Tablet! We can cater to your unique requirements and you always have the confidence that no matter the device, they are all synced for your convenience.

offline use

Offline Use

No internet, No problem. Business goes on as usual when you are offline. We understand that connection issues occasionally occur. That is no reason to let your business get tied up.

Easy to use

Easy to use

The sophisticated technology behind NEXTAXE is easier to use than ever before. No need to spend hours learning how the platform works. The incredibly intuitive design can be picked up as soon as you begin using it.

Custome Receipts

Custom Receipts

Do you need special content printed on your receipts? Have no fear that when you work with NEXTAXE, you can fully customize your receipts to your liking.

Cash Management

Cash Management

Stay on top of your cash flow with tools that assist in tracking your dollars. Prompt employees to set a starting till when logging in to the POS at the beginning of a shift, and monitor the cash flow throughout the day!

account software


Your business is growing and so is your staff. Use NEXTAXE and give each one of your employees their own pin log in. Encourage accountability among your workforce by giving each user separate accounts


We have all you need to run the best business in the world

Variants and Composites

Variants and Composites

Are you looking for a platform that allows you to have multiple variants of a single product? Creating composite products is now easier than ever. Look no further, NEXTAXE can give you the product diversity you need on an easy to use all in one platform

Barcodes and Labels

Barcodes and Labels

NEXTAXE is a powerful Retail software that has the ability to print barcodes and labels. Keep all of your products neatly tagged and tracked. Know exactly what products are in your inventory and keep track of everything you sell, ship, and stock

Central Product Catalogue

Central Product Catalogue

Have a centrally accessible product Catalogue to quickly look up and search for products when you are selling. This will keep your cashiers quick and efficient during checkout

price management

Manage all your pricings & promotions with a click

Our all in one platform will allow you to quickly update pricing and promotions for all your products from one screen. Being able to manage your pricing and promotions on the fly is a powerful asset.e.

inventory management

Inventory Count

Always know which products you have and how many you have. Never be at a loss for critical inventory information. Have you ever learned that your best selling product was out of stock only after it ran out? Never again with NEXTAXE, stay on top of your inventory at all times

inventory management

Inventory Control

Whether you have 10 products or 10,000 products, keeping track of your inventory should be an easy and manageable task. With NEXTAXE you can understand which products are your top performers and which ones are not moving.


We have all you need to run the best business in the world

customer management

Customer Profiles

Each customer that purchases from you will be assigned a specific profile. This will allow you to keep track and locate anyone at any time. Never lose customer information again.

customer management

Customer Purchase History

Each purchase is always attached to a customer profile. Quickly build a searchable database of customers to be used in your future marketing efforts. Never worry about a lost receipt, customers will be able to be located within the system at all times.

customer groups

Customers Group

Group your customers together by any property that you desire. Have the power to develop segments of certain customers like Discount, VIP customers, ETC. This powerful tool will allow you to always know who your customer base truly is

NEXTAXE Reporting

We have all you need to run the best business in the world

analytic reports

Customizable Reports

Reports are the backbone of any retail business. With our customizable reports function you can build reports to reflect any of the information that you deem important.

sales reports

Sales Report

Be able to track your sales from anywhere in the world. Whether you are in the office or sitting on a beach in Hawaii, you have the power to check your detailed sales reports to see how business is going

inventory reports

Inventory Report

Always be on top of your inventory. Knowing when to reorder and not to reorder is a big part of business. NEXTAXE is capable of creating reports of all your stock data. This will help you know which products are your best and worst sellers and help you make smarter merchandising decisions in the future

End Of the Day Report

End Of the Day Report

Having effective End of Day Reports give your business the power of smarter decision making. Knowing what time, when and which products you sold is valuable information that NEXTAXE can provide for you


We have all you need to run the best business in the world

multi Outlets

Add Outlets

At any moment you can add locations to NEXTAXE with incredible ease. Your all in one platform is the perfect choice to manage multiple outlets from one easy to use Retail Software

multi Outlets

Add Users

Have the power to add as many users to your system as you want. Add accountability to your employees by giving them seperate logins and accounts.

Add Registers

Add Registers

At any moment add new registers to your POS. As your business grows, so will your team. Have the power of to scale your POS as your company scales.

synchorize data

Synchronizes Data

NEXTAXE synchronizes all your data across all your devices. No matter which device you are using, NEXTAXE will instantly synchronize and update all data, so your system will always be the same on any device

retail Solution

Complete Retail Platform

NEXTAXE is a complete, all in one retail platform designed to take your business to the next level. Built with your growth in mind, NEXTAXE will grow as you do.


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