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Our user-friendly, easy-to-use web interface makes it easy to create your digital Catalogue . Customize all your product information from one central platform. Never be tied down to a central database when your data is stored in the cloud. Manage your digital Catalogue from anywhere in the world! Have the freedom and flexibility to tweak and edit your product information on the fly!

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One thing is for certain! When your products are showcased in an effective way, your sales will increase. By using NEXTAXE to stylishly present your products to your customers, your sales will increase. Have you ever needed to buy something online, but just didn't feel like you found the right seller, so you didn't buy. Often times the way a product is visually marketed can either encourage us to purchase, or push us away. For this reason, we have spent countless hours making sure that with NEXTAXE, your products are presented in the best way to stimulate purchasing. More Purchases, More Revenue, More Growth

digital catalogue

Product Information

In a survey conducted by the marketing agency nChanell, 30% of online shoppers stated that they would purchase more items online from a new retailer if there was extensive product information. Educating your buyers is the key to gaining access to their wallets. In today's marketplace, buyers like to have access to copious amounts of product information. With this in mind, NEXTAXE was developed to help retailers manage all their product information from one convenient portal. This tremendous capability is what allows top retailers to increase their customer bases. By constantly updating and marketing your product information you can stay on top of buying trends to ensure your customers have the information they desire


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There will come the time when you have a question or two. Rest assured that you will have 24/7 around the clock support worldwide. No matter what timezone you are in, always have access to a live support agent who can take care of any questions you have.

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